I’m Back!

Hello everyone!

The fist bit of big news is, I’m no longer in Savannah, GA. My wife and I are living aboard our 34′ sailboat full time and plan to spend the next several months in the Florida Keys, with Marathon, the heart of the Florida Keys, as our home base.

The other good news is I’m quite confident my technological problems with image edits are now a thing of the past. Look for new work and some revisits of older work in the coming months.

It’s good to be back!

EDIT: February 25, 2017

I’ve been wrestling with this ancient WordPress platform. It’s just gotten too cumbersome to continue updating, support from WordPress is minimal, and…and…enough is enough. I’ve decided to discontinue this site; it will be left intact for a time but no new work will be added.

Also, my work will be taking more of a shift to images of the land and sea, of boats and sky. Yes, I do love working with the nude form, but I need some variety.

Thank you all for support, encouragement, and interest over the years

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Trying to Fix What’s Broke…

Today’s post will have no images to accompany it, and for that I offer my apologies. Things have not gone entirely as planned.

If you don’t already know, I live aboard my boat. The move from land to sea has had a significant effect on my work. This was not unexpected of course, but the range and depth of it has been something of a surprise.

The selling off of my DSLR gear was where I believed the impact on the work would come from and I had that area covered: I bought a used Fuji X100 from a friend. It’s a fantastic camera, undeniably cute, and renders beautiful images. Although it’s taken some getting used too, I’ve grown to appreciate it tremendously. It is my go to camera now, enough so that I can say with confidence I don’t see myself returning to a DSLR system. – I’ll likely stay with a mirrorless system, but one with interchangeable lenses. (The X100 is a fixed lens camera.) I doubt I would have said that a year ago.

If it’s not getting used to different equipment, and less of it, then what is it? I touched on the matter in an earlier post from this year, here. The issue’s not at the camera end of the spectrum, but is with the work necessary at the other: post shoot work. Editing. Developing the final image. And I’m a bit miffed I didn’t think about this, as careful as I felt I had been in my other considerations.

The issues with this are multifaceted. First is my workstation. My powerful desktop PC and gigantic monitor have no place on the boat. Aside from space and power issues, they wouldn’t likely survive the beating they’d take from constant setting-up and tearing down, and from existing so close to the marine environment. Plus, they were getting old; I was already beginning to deal with subtle color shifting in the monitor. One option I’m considering is a docking station and separate (external) monitor, but I still have the same storage and potential power issues to resolve.

This pretty much leaves me with a laptop with which to do my edits. I’ve run my business from laptops for years, but photo editing from a laptop? I’ve done it in the past, but conventional wisdom says laptop monitors are generally not good for editing work. However, my direct experience has shown they can work just fine – but they can also be downright awful.

(Let me say right now, that laptop suitability for photo work is a contentious issue within the photography communities. I am only writing from my own direct experiences. I get they’re often not the best option. I have also edited and even printed gallery shows from laptops, so I know they can work. I’m not looking for a debate on the subject, or on PC vs. Mac, and so on. Please.)

However, the laptop I had prior to the one I’m working on now was decent. I had some control over the colors and tonal adjustments, and I had used it for editing work on occasion when on the road. The results were quite good, yielding nice images for the web and prints. Unfortunately, that little Dell went to computer heaven last fall. Its replacement, a Lenovo Edge 15, has been…well, I’ll leave it at a politely said, ‘less than desirable,’ even when calibrated, as all of my monitors are. Now, along with an external monitor, I’m considering a replacement laptop, one specifically for editing work. But regardless of that decision, I’m still faced with issue number two…

…which is the lighting inside the boat. It’s all LED. That’s to reduce power consumption and keep the cabin cooler. They’re easy on the eyes and good enough for reading, and they are much, much cooler than the xenon or halogen bulbs we used to use. And the power consumption, for a battery dependent lifestyle, is stellar. It’s milliamps per hour. Plus, the LED’s are incredibly long lasting. The one thing they are not good for, at all, is image editing. No way. Forget it. That said, I can be mobile with a laptop. I can move to better light when needed.

All of this is a work in progress, clearly. While I’m feeling quite stuck between a large rock and a very hard place with this, I’m optimistic. Temporary measures are in place, and new images are forthcoming. I’m continuing to work on the solutions, but honestly, I’m not at all sure what they will be. Fortunately, I have options. And most of them are good. Most of them.

I’m also working to modify and improve my presence on the web. There’s nothing new yet to report with that. As always, stay tuned. And thanks, many, many thanks, for sticking around.

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Hit and Run…

Here’s a quick fly-by post – not new work, but some from ’12 and ’14, respectively.



I’m continuing to get a new platform in place for the work, and plan to begin shooting new material in the coming weeks.


Beautiful Kayla

Thanks much for sticking around – I’ll see you soon!

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Memories Jogged…

While in my local Barnes & Noble Booksellers today, I ran into an old gallery partner of mine. Grace is a print-maker, and does wonderful work in her medium. We were partner-owners, with a handful of other artists in The Gallery, which is now closed. Grace promptly offered me a slot in a co-op gallery she’s involved with, also in Savannah, a generous and flattering offer which I politely refused. I’m ‘over’ the brick and mortar gallery pace and struggle, and of creating work solely to sold. Grace, true to her name, understood and with a warm hug, we parted ways.


Weekend of Private Secretary #1

However, seeing Grace did bring back fond memories from my years in The Gallery. From time to time, The Gallery artists would collaborate on a themed project, usually based on some local event or happening in the Savannah area. One such event was the city-wide celebration of singer/songwriter Johnny Mercer’s 100th birthday. Johnny Mercer was a Savannah native, and a key event in the festivities was the unveiling of a statue in honor of Mercer in the newly refurbished Ellis Square, which sits adjacent to the City Market Shops where The Gallery was located. The square had been razed and converted to a parking lot in the 1960’s, and as a part of Mercer’s birthday event, The Gallery artists decided to create works based on selected song titles written by Mercer.

_MG_2759 - Copy

Weekend of a Private Secretary, #2

Browsing through Mercer’s song catalog, a staggering collection of over 1,500 titles, (among Mercer’s hits were ‘When a Man Loves a Woman’, ‘Moon River’, ‘Hooray for Hollywood’, and ‘Fools Rush In.’ He also penned the lesser known ‘Hooray for Spinach’ and ‘I can Spell Banana’), I chose the enticing song title, ‘Weekend of a Private Secretary.’ I knew Michelle would be a perfect model for the project, and I spent a warm fall afternoon shooting with her in her little Savannah apartment. The works you see here were my selections for the show. I’m proud to say that both prints sold to a well known Savannah painter and to have some of my work in his private collection is a tremendous compliment.

More work is to follow, including some new and some old, which I’ve not shown before. Of course, your input and comments are always welcomed. Thank you.

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Hello, it’s ME…

Long ago, after an absence of only a few weeks, I titled a blog post with that same song title. This time it has indeed been a long time – my last post was on November, 29, 2014 – that’s almost 15 months. Needless to say, and while I understand it’s an echo of past promises made, I will try to do better – much better – in 2016.

Most of the obstacles which took up so much of my time are behind me now. The transition to living aboard our sailing yacht is completed, the house is sold, and the business is booming along. Good things one and all; however, with the sale of the house, I no longer have an always available place to shoot. And, moving aboard a small boat meant selling off the bulk of my gear. Shooting now is with the Fujifilm X100. Its working well, images will follow, but I’d be remiss if I said I wasn’t missing my SLR bodies and a couple of lenses.

The work to transition this blog to another format is continuing. Otherwise, not much has changed in those 15 months. I am expanding the work into some other nude genres, and I’ll talk on that a bit later, but one thing will be evident to long time followers immediately – color! And, I’ve made the choice to not make the images here ‘clickable’ or expandable. The reason is twofold; first it’s my very meager and likely totally ineffective attempt to limit copying and unauthorized usage. Second, the images don’t typically expand too much more than what you see here, so…

I’m also going to take a moment and apologize for obvious lacking image quality. The bulk of my edits are now made in a small boat cabin lit by small LED’s, or either in our marina clubhouse under horrible fluorescent lighting. I’m also on a new laptop with a different monitor than what I had when I dropped away in November, 2014. Adaptation is key, and I’m working on it.

Also, I’ve set up a profile at iStudio, which touts itself as an alternative to Model Mayhem. We’ll see. Click here to have a look see.

More words are to follow, but for now, enjoy these images, all from the archives. As always, I look forward to hearing from those who’ve stuck with me. Feel free to share.

Nude Against Brick Wall

Nude Against Wall

Nude by Window, Savannah

Nude Study, Torso


Nude in Chair, Study #3



Dyaphanye in Her Room

Dyaphanye in her Room

Dyaphanye, White Dress 2

Dyaphayne in White Dress

Sarah, Nude in Chair

Sarah, Nude in Chair

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Happy (Late) Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone. It’s been a while. I hope you’re all doing well and for those of you who celebrate, that you had an enjoyable and happy Thanksgiving holiday. For me, the holiday was uneventful, and that makes it good.

Sarah at Window

Nude at Window

If you read the front page, you’ll see I’ve had a change of heart, sort of, in the approach I was taking to photography. I hope this clarifies things a bit more. Essentially, the work isn’t going to go anywhere; if anything, it will expand. I will also be working to design and build a dedicated website as well. More to follow.



Here are two more from this past summer.

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Not Gone, Not Exactly…

Hello again.

If you haven’t yet read the message on the ‘Home’ page of this site, I would encourage you to do so. It mentions changes which are in the works for both me and my photography. While I’m flattered by the notes and messages I’ve received from friends and followers, expressing appreciation of my work and wishing me and my family well, I have to say the response took me somewhat aback. And based on what I’ve been reading, I can see some clarification may be needed. Apparently, the announcement I made has caused something of a stir.

Portrait of Sarah and Kayla

Portrait of Two Nudes

First off, I’m not stopping photography. Not at all. Certainly, my time for shooting has been greatly diminished. Photography is a part of who I am. I will always photograph my world.

And, while I said I would no longer be photographing nudes, I realize the way I worded that declaration is not entirely accurate. Virtually all of my work with the nude has been created for the marketplace; galleries and gallery shows or exhibitions; sales to private clients and collectors, and the like. But after nearly 15 years of shooting to sell, I’m completely burned out on publically exhibiting the work, whether it’s in my own hosted or curated exhibitions or in other curated or juried shows. To be truthful, I’m no longer interested in selling the work.

Sarah on Bed

Nude on Bed

What is actually happening with the nude work is I’m shooting to create images not for exhibition or sale but for my own personal body of work. (Pun intended!) With that in mind, I’m not actively seeking new models to work with but instead, am planning to continue working with those models which I’ve already established a working relationship. (However, if someone wants to model for me, they can still contact me.) I will be scheduling nude sessions, but they will be fewer than in the past, and the work is not likely to be as visible.

That’s the change. That’s what I meant by saying the work with nudes is ‘pretty much at an end.’

As my wife and I move from our land based life to one based aboard a small sailing yacht, the photography work will change. That portion of the home page declaration is accurate. I’ve no plans for a website dedicated to photography, and at some point in the future, my photography and videography work will be posted to our sailing website/blog. If you’re interested in seeing where we are with our plans, and want to be a part of our adventures, the link to the sailing blog is here.

Again, I thank you all for your interest and support over these years. Please stay in touch.

Kayla at Window

Kayla at Window

Today’s images are from one of these new personal sessions. These two beautiful ladies and I spent a very humid and hot morning in one of my favorite places, Harris-Neck National Wildlife Refuge. We then spent a portion of the afternoon shooting in my home. Two beautiful ladies to be sure. The mood of their images prompted me to experiment with old plate techniques from my days in the darkroom. I hope you enjoy them.

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