Not Gone, Not Exactly…

Hello again.

If you haven’t yet read the message on the ‘Home’ page of this site, I would encourage you to do so. It mentions changes which are in the works for both me and my photography. While I’m flattered by the notes and messages I’ve received from friends and followers, expressing appreciation of my work and wishing me and my family well, I have to say the response took me somewhat aback. And based on what I’ve been reading, I can see some clarification may be needed. Apparently, the announcement I made has caused something of a stir.

Portrait of Sarah and Kayla

Portrait of Two Nudes

First off, I’m not stopping photography. Not at all. Certainly, my time for shooting has been greatly diminished. Photography is a part of who I am. I will always photograph my world.

And, while I said I would no longer be photographing nudes, I realize the way I worded that declaration is not entirely accurate. Virtually all of my work with the nude has been created for the marketplace; galleries and gallery shows or exhibitions; sales to private clients and collectors, and the like. But after nearly 15 years of shooting to sell, I’m completely burned out on publically exhibiting the work, whether it’s in my own hosted or curated exhibitions or in other curated or juried shows. To be truthful, I’m no longer interested in selling the work.

Sarah on Bed

Nude on Bed

What is actually happening with the nude work is I’m shooting to create images not for exhibition or sale but for my own personal body of work. (Pun intended!) With that in mind, I’m not actively seeking new models to work with but instead, am planning to continue working with those models which I’ve already established a working relationship. (However, if someone wants to model for me, they can still contact me.) I will be scheduling nude sessions, but they will be fewer than in the past, and the work is not likely to be as visible.

That’s the change. That’s what I meant by saying the work with nudes is ‘pretty much at an end.’

As my wife and I move from our land based life to one based aboard a small sailing yacht, the photography work will change. That portion of the home page declaration is accurate. I’ve no plans for a website dedicated to photography, and at some point in the future, my photography and videography work will be posted to our sailing website/blog. If you’re interested in seeing where we are with our plans, and want to be a part of our adventures, the link to the sailing blog is here.

Again, I thank you all for your interest and support over these years. Please stay in touch.

Kayla at Window

Kayla at Window

Today’s images are from one of these new personal sessions. These two beautiful ladies and I spent a very humid and hot morning in one of my favorite places, Harris-Neck National Wildlife Refuge. We then spent a portion of the afternoon shooting in my home. Two beautiful ladies to be sure. The mood of their images prompted me to experiment with old plate techniques from my days in the darkroom. I hope you enjoy them.

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