Just a Quick Note…

Tybee Pier, January 2014

Tybee Pier, January 2014

I decided to take a break from the rigors of the day-job and get an update posted. Nothing too wordy or verbose; just a note to say I’m still here and plowing along – although the shutter isn’t firing too often. It is summer.

Nothing much has changed. Lisa and I are continuing the refit of our sailboat, (paint work is starting this next week and while that’s in process, no other work can be done), and we’re both busy with the day-to-day of running a small business. And, this past week, we moved Lisa’s mom from her apartment in the independent living wing of her community to the assisted living wing.

One habit I’ve fallen out of is that of keeping a camera with me wherever I am. Of course, I have my phone, and I’m working to get in the habit of using it when an opportunity presents itself. I’ve been carrying the Fuji X100 with me, but not being used to having it, I forget it’s there. Working in studio for so long, and shooting work which often requires extensive planning, i.e. nude figure, has changed how I think about my cameras. Behavior modification is tougher than it seems. But I’m working on it.

Things will settle a bit now, or so I hope, and my game of catch up can begin in earnest. Thank you for your emails and comments, as always. I’m working to be as prompt as I’m able with my replies.

Camille, With Lace Curtain

Camille, With Lace Curtain

I do have a favor to ask, especially of my photo geek friends: today’s images are the first I’ve worked with a new computer, a laptop. It’s my plan for this to be my primary photography/videography computer when we’re moved aboard our boat full-time. I had intended to post one image in gray-scale and one in color, but character prevailed and they’re both monochromatic. Other than the new system, nothing in the editing workflow is different. I’ll plan to post something in color with the next update. The laptop monitor is much smaller than my regular one, but the images look fine to me. I’d like to know how they appear to you. Please feel free to send a comment or email and let me know.

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2 Responses to Just a Quick Note…

  1. hi, the tones on the black and while are lovely. the black is black and whilte is white. the contrast is perfect. the delicate shades of whilte in the lace has come out very well. overall its technically perfect. yr new computer is fine. love the picture. very much my kind of image. keep up the good work.. warm regrds from mumbai, india……ashok

  2. Jay Farrell says:

    Very nice work! Have you tried the Fuji in studio? I’ve gone all mirrorless at this point, love your black and white tones.

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