Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Dyaphanye in Sepia, #2

Dyaphanye in Sepia, #2

Hello everyone. Sorry to be so long between posts. I am, if nothing else, consistent. I wrote a short note to a friend today, lamenting how long I’ve been without a camera in my hand and a subject before me, when I thought perhaps it’s a good day to get another post and some pictures taken care of. It was sort of a self-slap to the head to tell myself to quit complaining.

Thus far, 2014 has been quite slow, photographically speaking. I’ve dawdled here and there, playing with this idea and that, seeing what I can see. So far, nothing suitably presentable, but the push is there. The weather here, as it has been most everywhere this winter, has been particularly awful; cold, rainy, dreary for days and days and days. And for the first time in at least a decade, Savannah experienced an ice storm.

Dyaphanye, Torso Study #7

Dyaphanye, Torso Study #7

Fortunately though, spring is on the way. The days are slowly stretching out a moment or two longer with each rising and setting of the sun, and some are even noticeably warmer. The trees are budding, the geese at the local park where I take my walks are pairing off, and the azaleas are in bloom. In Savannah, spring is always ushered in by St. Patrick’s Day – and I will be banned from the city if I don’t wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day – so consider yourselves so wished!

Michelle in May

Michelle in May

Today’s images are of Dyaphanye and Michelle – who, by the way, is the new proud mama to a beautiful baby girl! These photographs were made during two warm and sunny afternoons in May 2012.

Michelle in May, #2

Michelle in May, #2

As always, thank you for your interest in my work. I appreciate everyone’s comments and input. Take care, and stay in touch.

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