Welcome to 2014!

Late December on North Tybee Beach

Late December on North Tybee Beach

Happy New Year everyone. I hope the holiday was safe and enjoyable for all.

Holidays always mark time for reflection, with none bringing out both reflection and optimism more than the New Year. 2014 is no different.

For me, looking back on 2013 is akin to peering into the vortex of a whirlwind, looking down from the top to the bottom. Spinning in the maelstrom are successes and failures, hopes and dreams, health and sickness. Not so much good or bad, just things which simply are. As humans, we are gifted with the remarkable ability to renew ourselves moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day. We can reboot our lives in a way few other living things on our planet can, and 2013 was a year in which I worked to embrace this gift. All in all, the ride was a good one.

Old North Jetty, Tybee Island

Old North Jetty, Tybee Island

With 2014, I look forward to a great many things. Photography, of course, is among them. I hope to pick up projects which had to be cast aside in the past. I want to revisit my photographic roots and beginnings with the landscape, and to continue my work with the nude figure, ideally incorporating the two. I also want to do more documentary photography, recording aspects of daily life in the places I go. I’m planning for more of my work to be in color as well.

I’ll be working to expand my photographic presence on the web, and of course, I hope for more regular updates here!

Katlyn, Nude Study #9

Katlyn, Nude Study #9

Also, I’m adding two new cameras to my gear inventory for the New Year: the FujiFilm X100, a 12MP digital rangefinder, and the 13MP Android Phone camera, part of my Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone. The X100 and smartphone will be my ‘take everywhere’ gear, something I’ve not had in a while. Unlike a DSLR, these cameras are small and unobtrusive, [we all know what a phone camera can do!], and will allow for more opportunities when shooting on the move.

Today’s images are two seascapes of Tybee Island, Georgia, shot just this week, and two nude studies made with pretty model Katlyn, from the spring of 2013. As always, more will follow.

Katlyn, Nude Study #4

Katlyn, Nude Study #4

Thank you for your interest in my photography. Each one of you has my appreciation and gratitude.  I wish for all of us to have a wonderful, happy, and prosperous 2014.

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