Hello Again…

Sara, on Wooden Steps

Sara, on Wooden Steps

Hello again…

After an unanticipated absence, I’ve finally found a moment to pop up for a breath of photographic air. The day-job workload exploded in middle July and things are just now easing a bit. I’ve never enjoyed digital editing as much as my work in the darkroom, but some time in front of the computer with my images has been a nice treat.

Sara, Nude Study in Window, #2

Sara, Nude Study in Window, #2

There’s not too much for me to discuss photographically. I am beginning to explore phone photography, Android phone photography to be specific. After all, my phone camera is with me all of the time. Look for new Android based work to follow, including nudes. Otherwise, new projects are cooking off in my brain and I may yet find the time to get them done.

Images today are from my session in Newnan, GA with Sara and from a late July session with Michelle. Michelle has graced my lens for many years now, and she and her husband are expecting their first child, due later this month. We shot these on a July afternoon during brief respite in my schedule.

Portrait of Michelle

Portrait of Michelle

Michelle, 7 Months

Michelle, 7 Months

Thanks to all of you still here, and for your comments and words of support and encouragement. As always, take care and stay in touch.

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3 Responses to Hello Again…

  1. Bill Ballard says:

    Thank you Paul! It’s been an exciting time, but things should become more manageable now.

  2. Barry Dudley says:

    Excellent work , again Bill, “Sara on the steps” and “Portrait of Michelle” are my favorites.

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