Simple Works, Part 2

Portrait of Lauren at Window, #2

Portrait of Lauren at Window, #2

Today’s post is short and brief.

Here are three once again; a portrait of Lauren from our session together in the fall of ’12, one from a session with Christa also in ’12, and one from a much more recent session with Sarah. For those of you who’ve enjoyed the color works, more will be coming in the next few posts, as will a smattering of thoughts on working with models and creating the work you see here.

Midday Poise, Study #2

Midday Poise, Study #2

Sarah, Daydreaming

Sarah, Daydreaming

Please stay well and keep in touch.

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One Response to Simple Works, Part 2

  1. Barry Dudley says:

    Wonderful shots. I am partial to “Sarah Daydreaming”. The sofe elegance with theshadows gives this a “daydreamy” look. Thanks for your inspiration!

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