Three in a Row…

Eva, Nude Study in Doorway

Eva, Nude Study in Doorway

Three updates, made consecutively. That hasn’t happened in a while.

Photographically speaking, there’s not much to report. I have hopes for new work to be created; magnolia blooms are heavy in the trees and summer time clouds heavy in the air. The outdoors beckons. The outdoors is also quite warm. The thermometer on my car display read 107° one day this past week. I should remind you its only just halfway through June.

Melissa, Nude Study #3

Melissa, Nude Study #3

Thank you again for all of your support, your comments, and for those newly following the blog. Here are four images; Eva braving a cold April morning and rain to pose in the doorway of my backyard shed; Melissa and Katlyn beautiful in springtime window light; and a lovely, warm color vision of an elegant dancer’s toes.

Katlyn, Nude Study #7

Katlyn, Nude Study #7

As always, good health to all and please keep in touch – happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Christa's Toes

Christa’s Toes

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