Summer Has Arrived!



After an unusually cool and rainy spring, summer has arrived. So has the first tropical storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, Tropical Storm Andrea. Fortunately for us in the southeast, Andrea was no worse than a typical winter gale, but she did produce record rainfall in the northeast portion of the country.

Otherwise, I’ve little new to report. I’m working with established and new models to schedule outdoor sessions in June and July as time will permit. As is always the case, more will follow.

Melissa, Nude by Window

Melissa, Nude by Window

The gallery representing my work in San Francisco is said to be doing well. It’s called ArtForms. I’m expecting to have a full announcement soon, when contracts are completed and signed. The gallery website is also still under construction. I’ll post the contact and website information as soon as I’m able.

Katlyn, Nude Study #2

Katlyn, Nude Study #2

Here are three for today; April, Melissa, and Katlyn.

Please stay in touch, and feel free to drop me a line anytime.

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4 Responses to Summer Has Arrived!

  1. anthony bennidetto says:

    That is one of the most stunning women I’ve ever seen. The curves of her body r like a winding river. Absolutely marvelous

  2. May I ask which model?

  3. Disregard above. All the women are beautiful. The photography is exceptional.

  4. Bill Ballard says:

    Thank you, Melissa.

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