Zen and Light

Snow Zen

Snow Zen

In what seems to have become a pattern of sorts, I began 2013 as I’ve begun other recent transitions from one year to the next: sick.

It’s not really a cold; it’s not quite the flu; and it’s not a sinus infection either. It’s what I call the crud. The crappy, nasty, exhausting crud. I’m not so sick that I’m not functional. I am sick enough that I get little to no rest, have no energy, and just want to do nothing. I don’t even want to eat.

However, tonight I will pursue one remedy that at least stimulates the senses and will hopefully burn away the demons which have taken up residence in my upper respiratory system. That remedy is a delicious and spicy Indian dish known as Tandoori Fish. And a garlic Naan. Who says medicine has to taste bad?

In the Afternoon

In the Afternoon

The weather here has been humid and wet; almost muggy. Its sunny today, but cooler, and sunlight streaming through windows is a welcome sight. Today’s images fit this mood and the hope for something better. One is of a solitary sapling tree, pushed down against the ground, by a wet, heavy, Connecticut snow; the other of a beautiful woman paused beside a sunny window on a warm June afternoon.

I hope all of you are faring well, and that you avoid any versions of this winter crud wherever you are. New work is coming soon.

Until next week –

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One Response to Zen and Light

  1. silvermythago says:

    Good work, Bill. I always love window light!

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