Happy 2013…

Lauren, Portrait at Window

Lauren, Portrait at Window

Happy New Year!

Another year past and once again, I find myself looking back over it all and for the first time in a long time, feeling a sense of accomplishment. Not so much in all aspects of life, but certainly in many of the ones that matter. With that, I bid 2012 goodbye and look forward to a new and exciting 2013.

I’ve written before that I’m not one for resolutions, at least not publicly, but I do set goals. My progress, or lack thereof towards those goals will be very evident here, so you’ll know exactly how well (or not) I’m doing. Stay tuned. Good things are in the offing.

I do feel that something of an explanation is owed for my most recent vanishing act, and it is a good one: hurricane Sandy. Or, super storm Sandy. Call her what you will, she made a mess of the northeastern part of the US of A, and I was in the thick of it for seven weeks, from Connecticut to New Jersey. Many friends were affected as well. That being said, I’m home now and resuming my life. Working in such an environment fosters one to think, and think brings about change. As I said, good things.

Today’s image is a portrait of pretty Lauren, shot a mere two weeks prior to Sandy’s visit.

See you all very soon.

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