Progress Toward the Goal

Nude on Floor, Study #58

Photography is picking up; a small handful of shoots are scheduled over the next few weeks and I’m looking forward to being behind the camera a bit more frequently once again. The day job is slowing, as it normally does this time of year, and for once I’m grateful for the small break.

The big news is that the house is officially and formally listed for sale. The sign is in the yard and our first open house is scheduled, and of course, things remain to be done. Not anything major, but small jobs mostly associated with tidying and neatening. It’s progress in the right direction, taking us closer to where we’ve wanted to be for a long time. (I’ll write about this more in an upcoming post.) If anyone is looking for a cozy three bedroom-two bath in a quiet Savannah neighborhood, convenient to everywhere, please let me know.

Christa and Brittany, Couch Study #164

Here are two images from a 2011 springtime session shot at my West Hall Street location, with Brittany and Christa.

Thanks again to everyone for their likes and comments on my posts. Please stay in touch and I’ll see you all soon.

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