Making Preparations…and More Work from Spring

Camille, Study #1

It seems that as summer ends, I’m looking back to work I shot in the spring. Perhaps that’s another way to say I’m far behind on edits, but that’s not accurate either. I don’t shoot, edit that shoot, and then post pictures in any sort of sequence. With regard to images, I look for what inspires me for a given post; which images match my mood or the words I manage to tap out from the keyboard, and part of the fun is culling through past sessions and finding what I missed on an earlier perusal. With regard to what I write; well, it seems to come down to what I tap out from the keyboard then and there. Carefully thought out topics to write about have eluded me lately.

Earlier this afternoon, I met with a realtor. A move that’s been in the works for years is now coming to pass. For those of you who don’t know, we will be moving aboard our small sailing yacht full-time – once the house sells, that is. Much has to be done to the boat to get her ready to be a full-time home once again. We’re both sailors, with many miles of water under our feet, but we’ve been shore bound for some years now; our bodies soft and sea legs notably absent.

As to what effect, if any, the move to the boat will have on my photography, the obvious change in location aside, I can’t say. Time will tell, of course. Still, I have projects which I want to finish shooting here before the house sells. As I’m expecting a slump in shooting time during the transition from land to sea, at least I know there will be work a plenty to use.

Camille, Torso Study #1

Here are two from my session with new model Camille, made on a warm and bright Savannah afternoon in May.

Be well, and I’ll see you soon.

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3 Responses to Making Preparations…and More Work from Spring

  1. Tina LoTufo says:

    I just love that second shot. I want to say it looks like a painting, but I don’t know if that would be considered a compliment for a photographer! Anyway, it’s just lovely.

  2. Bill Ballard says:

    Thank you Tina – I do take that as a compliment and appreciate it very much!

  3. Barry Dudley says:

    Excellent work! the lighting is wonderful and I love the model.

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