The Portrait, Revisited

Portrait of April

Today’s entry harkens back to an earlier post, dedicated to the idea of the portrait; ‘heads’ as Edward Weston called them. I said then that I don’t consider myself a portrait photographer, and I still don’t per se but in the sessions I’ve managed to get shot over the past few months they’ve found a way to creep into the work.  Today’s images are of April and Christa, shot in a couple of those somewhat impromptu window light sessions.

Portrait of Christa

Also, I want to say ‘thank you’ to all of my friends who sent such kind and encouraging notes to welcome me back to the blog and my work. Your words mean more than you know. My life of late has been work, work, and more work, interspersed with a bout of quite severe back pain that I’ve had a difficult time getting ahead of. The work I don’t mind and am grateful for; the back pain I can do without. Regardless, it is what it is, I am where I am, and I’m managing reasonably well.

Until next time, please stay in touch. More new work will follow soon.

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