Valentine’s Day, 2012

Portrait of Dyaphanye

The gaps seem to grow ever wider.

My last post here was on January 15th, 2012. One more day and I would have made it one full month. Certainly not record breaking gaps, as those of you following my work know all too well, but more a gap than I would like. Alas, it’s the proverbial double-edged sword at work; the day-job which allows me to be a photographer has been busier, much busier, than usual.

Nonetheless, I think I can manage one update per month without much difficulty, at least for the time being. However, the frequencies of shooting new material will likely decrease somewhat significantly over the coming months. Unfortunately, this includes my Griffin project in which I planned to document the small town where I was born and raised. Postponed, not cancelled.

Nude in Winter, Savannah, GA

The two images accompanying today’s post are from my most recent session with new-to-me model Dyaphanye. They were shot at my West Hall Street location in early January.

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