More From a Day in the Woods

Nude on Pedestal

It’s another short post for today; perhaps a good thing as after all, this a blog centered on photography. Some time ago, I made the promise to concentrate on images and less on words. In reality, there’s simply not too much to write about. Projects are continuing to be planned, although the execution of said projects is moving a bit slower than I like. Nonetheless, there is movement.

On Tuesday of this week, I’ll be shooting with a model in the studio. I’ve not shot in studio or under any sort of artificial light in nearly three years. While I’ve certainly grown to love my re-acquaintance with natural light I have to admit, surprisingly enough, that I’m looking forward to it. Variety is a good thing, and variety is one thing I want to integrate back into my work during 2012.


Today’s image is another of SueEllen from our Saturday afternoon spent at Harris-Neck NWR late last year. In fact, SueEllen will be the model working with me in the upcoming studio session.

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3 Responses to More From a Day in the Woods

  1. Very cool image, Bill.

  2. Ad@m says:

    Good work!

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