More From A Day in the Woods…and Happy Holidays to All

The Remains of the Day, Extended

Here are two more from my session with SueEllen three weeks ago at Harris-Neck NWR. I spent a fair amount of time sorting through images to include with today’s entry and finally settled on these two. One is a natural extension of the image I included with the previous post, called “The Remains of the Day” as it was shot near the very end of our session together. The portrait of SueEllen was shot within a few minutes of the other two and captures her mood nicely; somewhat tired, still a little nervous, and just a little chilled. We called it a day shortly after these images were finished.

I had also mentioned in the previous post that this was SueEllen’s very first modeling session – not her first nude session, not her first outdoor session, but her very first session period. She did a fantastic job in every way. She’s enthusiastic for the work and processes, and not afraid to be creative and play. We’re planning a studio session together shortly after the New Year begins and I can hardly wait to work with her again.


Portrait of SueEllen with Old Fountain


Personal on site scouting for my Griffin, Georgia project will formally begin next week. Actually, it already has begun, as a long time friend and photographer living there has been helping with identifying interesting and suitable locations. Needless to say, my enthusiasm for the project is growing exponentially.

The burst of creative energy brought about by this undertaking has me considering doing portions of this project on film. This will mean breaking out my old Yashica Mat 124G and perhaps one of my Holga cameras. It will also mean using Ilford XP2, a C-41 process (the same chemistry process for color negative film) black and white film; not my first preference for film, but workable and actually a good choice for the contrasty environments I’m hoping to find and work.

Still, this is relatively new territory for me, particularly where shooting in abandoned and otherwise decrepit structures is concerned. I know many of you are well versed in this type of work. Any input you can offer is appreciated. Feel free to drop me a line to the email address on my ‘About’ page.


In spite of myself, I’ve indeed managed another blog update. So I’ll push the envelope again by saying I’ll try to get another update here before year’s end.

In the event that doesn’t happen, please allow me a moment to extend to each and every one of my readers and viewers personal best wishes and for a safe and happy holiday, whichever and however you choose to celebrate.

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8 Responses to More From A Day in the Woods…and Happy Holidays to All

  1. Have a great holiday, Bill. I for one will be waiting with baited breath for your next installment.

  2. Bill Ballard says:

    Thank you David! I hope that your holidays are happy and safe for you and yours!

  3. andybeel says:

    Hi Bill this shot reminds me of the work of the late Bob Carlos Clark, Google him if you are not aware of his work and books.

  4. Bill Ballard says:

    Thank you Andy – others have said some of my work reminded them of Mr. Clark’s work. personally, I don’t see it, but it is a wonderful compliment

  5. Luc Ebner says:

    Dear Bill
    As usual love the work and your ability to change while keeping your great sensibility.
    Mr B.C. Clark was a great photographer, but no Bill Ballard ! Luc

  6. Bill Ballard says:

    Thank you Luc! I’m happy to see you’re keeping up with the work!

  7. Hi Bill, Really wonderful natural nudes really enjoyed them. Good luck also for the new year.

  8. Bill Ballard says:

    Thank you Thomas! I’m happy you found and enjoy my work!

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