Michelle, Nude Study by Window, #126


Today’s post is a quick one. A show of momentum, and confirmation that while I’ve not shot new work as of yet, I am continuing along the path.

This image of Michelle is from a January 2010 session, shot in an empty old Victorian era home in downtown Savannah. It was incredibly cold, and we moved as quickly as the work permitted. I had shot in the same space during the previous weekend, and the routine was markedly the same: shoot five minuets – wrap the model in a blanket for 10.

When we reviewed the session, Michelle said she wasn’t very happy with most of the images we had shot in front of an immense floor to ceiling window dominating one particular room. The cold aside, she said she felt her expressions were too intense, or something similar. Personally, I like her expressions in many of those shots, particularly this one. I hope you find it pleasing as well.


With the holidays and general insanity they typically inspire rapidly approaching, I’m honestly not sure how much work I can get on the books. I’m hoping for at least one or two sessions to happen. You’ll know it when they do.

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2 Responses to Momentum…

  1. Bill;
    I agree with Michelle. She has a very intense expression which may or may not appeal to the viewers, but for me it is causing me to wonder if she was uncomfortable with the cold (now that you brought that aspect into it) or not in a good mood for some reason. This may be a good thing that causes a viewer to ponder the image.
    I have never found an image where the model was looking at the viewer to be one I like however. For me it takes away from the voyeuristic look at a scene that I want to exist in my mind.
    Her expression, if she had been looking off in another direction would have intrigued me to no end, attempting to guess what was going on in her mind, but as she looks at me that intrigue disappears.
    My thoughts.
    She is beautiful, I like the ghostly disappearance of her arm into the shadows, Very well done.

  2. Bill Ballard says:

    Thank you David –

    There is no doubt the house was a difficult environment in which to work; when I arranged for the location, I was told that power was still on and that space heaters could be used. That turned out to not be the case. When we arrived and found there was no power available, I gave Michelle the option of postponing. “We’re here and I’m good to go” was all said with her usual, lovely smile. I believe this is merely the expression the camera recorded at that moment in time – there was no serious discussion going on, no dark moments of worry, or anything of the sort. We were all in a good mood despite the environment. In fact, there are several frames around this one where she is laughing, smiling, etc.

    I understand the appeal of the non-confrontational gaze from the model to the viewer, but as you alluded, such confrontation can sometimes be a good thing. As I mentioned above, there are some frames from this portion of the shoot where she is not visually engaging the lens; perhaps I’ll post one of those in a future update.

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