Time for a Vacation

Forme Study #10


I admit it: a vacation is sorely needed. Not for me, though I could certainly use one, but for this blog and my photography.

All of my recent posts have been little more than laments as to how I’ve been unable to give my photography the time or attention I want to, or at the risk of sounding pretentious, the time I feel it deserves. There’s not time to shoot new material; there’s not time to work the material I’ve shot; and there’s not time to create witty, clever posts about the work. Worst of all, is there isn’t time for the work itself.

Though I know it’s necessary, the decision was still a difficult one.

So, instead of me ‘taking a break’ as I’ve done in the past, I’m sending the blog and photography in general on vacation. An extended one; extended as in ‘until further notice…’

My thanks go out, yet again, to those that have supported the work with your criticisms, compliments, and interest through the years. You have my gratitude.

Until next time.

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One Response to Time for a Vacation

  1. Dave Hunt says:

    Totally understand but although I may not comment often I do look forward to and enjoy your posts.
    Guess you are doing what we all do, have quiet spells but you are having the grace to be more public.

    Have a good hol and read from you when you get back – refreshed and inspired.


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