This is Only a Test…

Portrait of April


In the last entry I wrote about some test sessions I’d shot at my home during recent months. Mostly I was testing the lighting, natural of course, and promised to post any results I felt were ‘blogworthy.’ Ready or not, here they are.

Or more precisely, here are two of them. These test sessions, shot with different models, at different times of day, at different locations throughout the house and outbuildings, and over an approximately six week period have revealed two simple facts. First is the fact the lighting here is limited in quality and quantity. In keeping with a typical southern home, our yard is filled with large trees and is in shadowy, contrasty light for much of the day. Overcast days are simply too dark.

Second, the spaces where the lighting works, while being somewhat versatile, are very, very small. Because of the quality of light, much of the camera work had to be done on tripod. In small rooms filled with furniture, camera placement is limited and tricky. Shutter speeds were often quite slow, one or two seconds, even at wide apertures.

So, these images represent two of the best locations. The portrait of April was taken at my back door, and the portrait of Michelle, by the living room picture window.

Feel free to share your comments and input. Keep in mind that being simple test images, very little post work has been done to them. They’ve been left more or less as the camera recorded them – and that includes being in color.


Portrait of Michelle


From where I take my view of the blogosphere, things are pretty much as they have been. I’ve managed to review past sessions and make new selections for edits and hope to be back on track with updates and news in the coming weeks.

I know I’ve said it before, but I promise those emails and phone calls I’ve not yet answered will be returned. Thanks to all for staying in touch, and for your comments and input. They are much appreciated.

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