It’s Hot Outside!



Summer has arrived.

Southern heat and humidity are living up fully to their reputations. Over the past few weeks however, there’s been a newcomer at the party: smoke.

South and west of Savannah lays the vast Okefenokee Swamp. Part national wildlife refuge, part state park, and all primitive and mysterious, it’s the domain of the American alligator, Sandhill crane, and black bear. Pitcher plants and Venus Flytraps eat insects alive, and cypress trees abound. Massive floating islands of peat make up the majority of dry land in the swamp, which is actually a bowl; a giant depression in what was once the ocean floor. The water flowing out of the swamp and to the Gulf of Mexico becomes the Suwannee River. I mention this because Okefenokee is burning.

Several weeks ago, lightning strikes sparked the first of the fires, and as one fire was brought under control, new storms with new lightning strikes started more. The wildfires in the American southwest have garnered most of the media attention, but the Okefenokee fires are no small matter.

Portions of southeastern Georgia and northern central and eastern Florida have been covered in a pall of dense smoke. Sometimes, it gathers at ground level where it resembles fog more than smoke; other times it hangs a few thousand feet in the air, giving the sky eerie sepia and gold toned casts

It’s also created a localized greenhouse effect. Heat indexes in the Savannah area have approached 110° this past week. (Heat indexes are a measure of how hot the air feels relative to the humidity levels – sort of a backwards wind-chill factor, and without the wind.) Imagine stepping into a sauna where a bundle of dry wood and green leaves have been thrown on the stones in addition to a bucket of water. I’m in a cycle of breathing wood smoke and consuming large amounts of fluids to stay ahead of certain dehydration.

As you may have guessed by now, there’s little new for me to report photographically. Test shooting at my home, experimenting with light and new shooting styles, will be wrapping up soon. So far, little of the three or four tests have produced anything ‘blogworthy.’ Still, I’ll post one or two things here and see what opinions, if any, there are for them.

In the meantime, here are two more of Brittany.


Brittany, Nude Study #101 by Window


Happy Father’s Day to all who qualify…

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One Response to It’s Hot Outside!

  1. barry dudley says:

    Bill, I love this soft focus look of Brittany in front of the window. The light is wonderful.

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