An Afternoon Spent with Christa and Brittany


Portrait of Christa and Brittany


Several weeks ago, I had the good fortune to do a photography session with two lovely models, Christa and Brittany. Christa has modeled for me several times, and this was the first time Brittany and I had worked together. The two ladies have known each other for several years and both have modeled for local painters. Beautiful models, a wonderful location, and stunning spring light made for very nice imagery. During the session, they worked together and separately and their work will be featured here over the next few weeks. Please enjoy.



Duality Study, #110


My posts here have been sporadic to say the least. Such is the nature of things. Being self-employed is, on its own, challenging enough. The day job work has picked up exponentially, literally overnight. It seems that at midnight, April 30th, the tap was re-opened. The months of April and May have been a true experience of ‘feast or famine.’

To those friends and colleagues whom I owe a returned phone call or email, it will come. I don’t know when, but it will come. I appreciate your interest in asking how I’m doing, what I’m seeing, and how the work is or isn’t coming along. Fortunately, I’m pleased to say it is coming along, and doing so quite nicely.

Thanks to those of you who have been kind of enough to post your comments regarding my work here, or to otherwise make them known. Your input and thoughts are deeply valued and appreciated, more than you know.

A decision I’ve made is that I would like to do a show of my newer work sometime before 2014. I’ve not done a show since the fall of 2009 and I feel the work I’ve started since, which is primarily my West Hall Street project, is gaining the ability to stand alone. A few pieces of the West Hall work are already in my gallery here in Savannah. I’ll keep you posted.


My friend Dave Levingston has been interviewed for a lovely new fine-art publication, La Allure des Mots. His interview begins on page 62, and features some his fabulous photography too. Click here to see it.

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