A Return to Normalcy

River Street


Health has returned, mostly. A slight cough lingers and I’m off the antibiotics, but still using an inhaler a couple of times per day. But all in all, I’m finished with being sick.

A few posts back, I wrote of how I wanted to add variety to the work; stir the pot, such as it is. Being sick has put a damper on getting out and about with the cameras, so in the interest of returning and sustaining the flow, I decided to pull a couple from the archives.

These photographs were made in the wee hours of a chilly, damp, and foggy morning in my beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia. They also revisit my experimentations with sepia toned images. I hope you enjoy them.




Remember the show I mentioned last month – the show that was originally conceived as a show of figurative paintings and drawings only – the show in which six photographs of mine were chosen to be shown? There’s still no reception date announced, and to be truthful, the end date of the show seems a bit nebulous. It seems now as if it may hang indefinitely.

Regardless, the work remains on the walls. The location is Atwell’s Art & Frame, 228 West Broughton Street, Savannah, Georgia.

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