“Take Two Tablets Today, Then One Tablet Each Day for the Next Five Days…”

Sarah, Torso Study #96


Relapses happen. On Wednesday of this past week, I finally made it to my doctor.

Still coughing, still unable to speak for more than a few minutes at a time, I stood against the X-Ray plate, bare skin on cold metal. A moment later, the diagnosis was official: severe bronchitis with pneumonia. Pneumonia? “I thought it was just a bad case of bronchitis,” I said with a wheeze, then a cough. “Last week, it probably was,” said the good doctor.

So, with an antibiotic shot in the arse, followed by the infamous Z-pack dosage of antibiotics in tablet form, 4 hits a day from an inhaler thing, and a double-dose of Robitussen DM at bedtime, I’m happy to say I’m feeling much, much better.

Needless to say, little – or more accurately, nothing – has been accomplished since the last update. The congestive and pharmaceutical haze in which I’ve lived for over two weeks has made concentration and attention to detail all but impossible. Working images, reading, etc. are lost causes. And I’m sick of watching television.

But, safe in the knowledge the medicine is working, with proof-positive being how much better I feel, I did scan through some recent session images. I was looking for shots to fuss around with; something to post today which would reflect my improving mood. This simple and beautiful portrait of Sarah, warming herself in the February sun during a recent session, caught my eye. I like it, and hope you find it pleasing as well.

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One Response to “Take Two Tablets Today, Then One Tablet Each Day for the Next Five Days…”

  1. Glad you are on the mend. Nice photo too. Hope you are all better very soon.

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