Looking Through the Lensbaby

Untitled Torso Study #84


Through all of last summer’s sessions, and the one session completed this year, I’ve brought out and shot with the Lensbaby. For those of you not familiar with this fun little toy, you can learn more about them here.

The model of Lensbaby I shoot with is the 2.0. In the six or so years I’ve had it, several generational changes have been made and new models of this devious little creature  introduced. Compared to the modern Lensbaby lenses out there, the 2.0 is a dinosaur. Still, they’re lots of fun; tugging and twisting the bellows to get the sharp focus where you want it, releasing the shutter at the precise moment, and then chimping like mad to see what you got.

Today’s images are two selected from last summer’s sessions, shot looking through the Lensbaby, at my West Hall Street location.


Untitled Torso Study #75


Last night, I heard from my friend Jody Scheisser. Jody lives in Savannah with his lovely wife and two sons. He is a photographer of the nude figure and a filmmaker. We connected a few years back through our common interest in photography, and used to have frequent and long conversations at Savannah’s Gallery Espresso over chai tea and coffee about art, photography, and life. I’ve not seen him in over a year and it was good to hear from him again.

Jody’s nude work is shot mostly out of doors or inside using natural light. And just as Dave Levingston‘s work did, his has played an integral role in influencing my move into natural light environments.

I highly recommend a visit to his website to see his figurative works. You should also check out his latest film, “You Are Beautiful.” And just as I do, Jody maintains a portfolio on Model Mayhem, where you can see his more recent work with the figure.

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6 Responses to Looking Through the Lensbaby

  1. Dave Hunt says:

    Bill, really lovely work.
    Am also a fan of the Lensbaby, have the same manual model and wife has the easier to use but less random Composer model. Just love the effects that you can get, and the loss of total control can produce some unexpected results … not all great but usually a few gems pop out.
    Will reciprocate an image share.

  2. Bill Ballard says:

    Thank you Dave. I shot a few frames during one session with a borrowed Composer model, and didn’t like it. However, in all fairness half a dozen frames isn’t really enough to pass final judgment, so perhaps another try is in order. What I do love about the Lensbaby, as you pointed out, is it’s ‘randomness.’ I look forward to seeing your Lensbaby shots.

  3. I’m not familiar with LensBaby… so I’m learning. At first I thought you were referring to the model, kindly excuse my daftness!!
    However, I really like the pix and the effect.

  4. Bill Ballard says:

    Dino – funny story:

    As mentioned in the post, I used the Lensbaby during several of last summer’s sessions. After one of those sessions, the two models, my assistant, and me all went to dinner. Some of the table conversation centered around the day’s work and of course, shooting with the Lensbaby. Suddenly, one of the models shouted “oh! It’s ‘Lens’ baby! I thought you were talking about someone named ‘Lynn’ and her baby!’

    We all had a good laugh over that one…and still do!

  5. Bill Ballard says:

    Thank you Dave! And that’s a very catchy title for your post!

    Great images; I especially like the one of the window.

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