Two-Thousand Word’s Worth…

Sarah, Torso Study #189


As you’ve likely guessed from today’s post title, not much is new. I’m still working on session planning, trying to coordinate shoot times with location and model availabilities. Edits continue of course, but beyond those few things, there’s little to report. I seem to have no time for photography, but have considerable demands placed on my time from every non-photographic sector of my life. Worse, I have remarkably little to show for how busy I am and it’s driving me somewhat crazy.

Nonetheless, I persist. I look forward to what spring and summer hold for my work and hope you do as well.


Christa, Nude by Window


In my previous post, I mentioned a show of figurative art now on the walls at Atwell’s Art & Frame here in Savannah. Six prints of mine are part of it. The work will hang through April 23, 2011. A closing reception will be held in lieu of an opening, and I’ll announce the dates and times here as soon as I know them. The space is located in downtown Savannah at 228 West Broughton Street, between Barnard and Jefferson streets.

I’ve shown my work in various venues here over the last five or so years. What makes this one unique is that it was conceived to be a show of the drawn or painted figure, not the photographed figure. I hope those readers in and near Savannah will go and check it out.


More beautiful images of Sarah and Christa. These were shot during my joint session on West Hall Street with Dave Levingston during his recent visit to Savannah.

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2 Responses to Two-Thousand Word’s Worth…

  1. Hi Bill,

    I like your Sarah, Torso Study #189 a lot, it’s really spinning with pure quiet beauty.

    Keep on as always,

  2. Dave Rudin says:

    Lovely work as always, Bill. I’m sorry that I’m too far away to attend the reception.

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