A Tuesday with Dave

Dave Levingston, working on West Hall Street, Savannah, GA


The first figure session of 2011 is now on the books. On-line friend and photographer Dave Levingston is vacationing with his family this week in nearby Edisto, South Carolina. On Tuesday, he drove into Savannah. I had made arrangements for us to shoot at my West Hall Street location with models Christa and Sarah. Dave wrote about the experience in his most recent blog post and since he opened with a photograph of me, camera glued to my face… I felt it only fair to do the same! Aside from that, here are two of my images: one of Christa and one of Sarah, also from Tuesday’s session.

Christa, Reclining Nude, Study #7

In his blog post, Dave indicated he felt I was confused as to which direction I should aim my lens, and perhaps this does need to be explained. I’m compelled to point out that my camera is typically pointed at anything I find of interest – and for a portion of Tuesday’s shoot, that happened to be Dave. Aside from the handful of workshops I’ve taken and facilitated over the years, I hardly ever work with or even casually shoot with other photographers. There are one or two photographer friends with whom on occasion I’ll do a ‘photo-walk-about,’ and there are a few others with whom I’ve discussed the idea, but that’s about it. To say I’m not a ‘group-shooter’ is an understatement.

It’s nothing against them; and while I usually have assistants on set, the simple fact is I prefer to work on my own. I’m easily distracted and being the lone shooter allows me to better concentrate. Working with Dave was the first time in twelve or more years that I had another photographer actively shooting with me while doing figurative work.

This isn’t to say that working with Dave was problematic; far from it. It was the opposite actually. I found it to be an interesting and telling experience. I was fascinated to see how another photographer approached the same subject, and differences in shooting styles and techniques are always interesting to me. I’m especially interested to see how our images will reveal differences in our visions and how we each see, particularly as Dave only works in color, and aside from his new fisheye, with only one lens.

Sarah, Torso Study #37

All in all, it was a fun day. We shot through the mid-day hours and by all appearances, did good work. Lunch was at one of my favorite Savannah restaurants, a Cuban place called Rancho-Alegre – and in accordance with what Dave wrote on his blog, I’ll confirm he did indeed find it delicious.

I enjoyed meeting Dave immensely. I’ve been following his work for some time and have always admired his ability to capture beautifully stunning images of the nude figure in natural settings. In fact, it’s safe to say his work played a significant role in my decision to do more work in natural light. It was a memorable experience to shoot alongside him. He has extended me an invitation to visit him in his part of the world, an offer I will absolutely take him up on.


This past week I was notified that six of my prints were selected to be in a local show of figurative art. In and of itself, this isn’t so unusual, but what makes this show unique is it was originally planned to be one of drawings and paintings exclusively – no photography included. I’m not sure how many different artists are represented in the exhibition, or of the dates the show will hang, although it is already on the walls. The location is Atwell’s Art & Frame on the western end of Broughton Street in downtown Savannah. I’ll post more information as I have it. Stay tuned.


Now that my 2011 shooting season is officially underway, I’m excited to have things rolling again. I want to keep it that way. As the creativity stirs, my plans to scale back shooting to a slower, lesser pace seem now to be little more than good intentions. Beautiful things are in the works.

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  1. Tommy Payton says:

    I think she is awsome Bill,you did good …

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