What I Saw One Morning…

Anchorage in Fog, Isle of Hope, Georgia


From time to time, I do photograph subjects other than the nude figure. And from time to time, I do record my subject in color. It doesn’t happen too often, but I allow myself the pleasure once in a while.

Many of you know I’m an avid sailor. My wife Lisa is too. We met at the marina where I kept the first sailboat I owned. We now own ‘Jo Beth’ a 1984 Pacific Seacraft 34 cutter rigged sailing yacht. (I use the term ‘yacht’ as a defined vessel for recreational use. Not in the sense that Bill Gates might.) She’s a true ocean voyager, having made at least four crossings of the Atlantic Ocean with her previous owners. Like them, Lisa and I are hopeful to see the world, or at least parts of it, from her decks in the not too distant future.

I made today’s photograph in the fall of 2008. It’s a view of the anchorage at Isle of Hope, a small island community southeast of Savannah, GA. At the time, ‘Jo Beth’ was berthed in a slip at Isle of Hope Marina.

Personally, I love this image. I find it to be beautifully quite and serene. Seeing the world in this way is one of the many reasons I love to sail.


I want to say thank you to everyone who read my previous post regarding the how and why of art nude photography, at least the way I see it. Your comments and input are all very much appreciated.


In an earlier post, I wrote how I wanted to keep this a blog about photography. However, I am compelled to share this link. I know, I know. I’m sure you’ll draw your own conclusions.


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3 Responses to What I Saw One Morning…

  1. Dave Rudin says:

    A lovely image, Bill.

    To me, if a boat is able to cross the Atlantic Ocean and get to the other side in one piece (and on top of the water), it qualifies as ‘a yacht’ – Bill Gates or not!

  2. fIlesonic says:

    Stunning image! The water is so calm, I’ve never had the opportunity to see calm waters like that. Definitely a must-see in the near future for me! Thanks for sharing.

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