Staying on Track

Angela Arch Study #1


While I was on Blogger, I worked diligently to keep my blog what I wanted it to be: about photography.

We are all affected by current events, be they civil conflict in Africa, poverty in Asia, attempted assassinations of elected officials on American Soil, or a burglary next door. It can be difficult not to launch into discussion on any number of these topics. After all, the ‘blogosphere’ is the perfect place for such expressions of opinion and discussion.

I know of several blog authors, and not just those writing about photography, that have strayed from their original intent. Their blogs are now sounding boards for political opinion, debates on points of law, or rants of poor customer service from the local mega mart. They bear little resemblance to what they were intended to be. If said authors are happy, then so be it.

Being on WordPress will allow me to attract new readers. I want this blog to grow and I want to reach readers and those with an interest in photography and the arts wherever they may be. Although sorely tempted to stray just a little, I will resist. After all, this is a “Weblog of Fine Art Photography.” It will remain exactly that.


There’s not too much to report photographically. I’ve begun work to get my 2011 shooting calendar in order. I want to continue working with natural light and have no plans to return to the studio. I’ve started scouting for new locations in which to shoot and am keeping an eye open for pretty and secluded areas out-of-doors.

Aside from that, it’s edits and more edits.


I believe I’m a decent writer. I know I’m not a good editor or proofreader. Proofreading (grammar-check) and spell-check tools, while wonderful and excellent utilities, catch only the major issues – not the little typos. For example, I write “the photograph picked up his camera…” when I meant to write “the photographer picked up his camera…” spell-check hangs me out to dry. The same can be said of grammar-check. I write “the” when I should write “they.” As these aren’t misspelled words, spell-check doesn’t catch them. Grammar-check should, but it seems to only suggest fixes for fragmented sentences or suspect commas and semicolons.

Even though I proof read and re-read until my eyes are crossed, I often don’t see these things, so I have a favor to ask: if you see something wrong here, feel free to tell me about it. Please. I’ll correct it and I promise my feelings won’t be hurt.

In conjunction with this, I’ve added a Contact form on the ‘About’ page. Please drop me a line and say hello, let me know you’re here, and tell me what I can do to make the site a better reading and viewing experience for you.

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3 Responses to Staying on Track

  1. laura clements says:


    I really like the new stuff. And by that I mean the abstracts. Maybe it’s because I am female or my small town upbringing. But the full nudes make me feel somewhat of a voyeur. And having said that maybe you could explain Art Nude to me. Yes I am one of those ” I may not know art but I know what I like.” people.
    Almost from the beinging of time mankind has reproduced the human form. But why? What are they trying to say or convay. I’ve looked at other art nude sights and have seen countless nude paintings and sculptures over time but the real point alludes me.
    Here’s a beauitful thing let’s put a naked person next to it. Or naked girl at a table eating an apple. What is she like me too lazy to put clothes on after her bath. Art vs. Playboy. Pinup girls bla bla bla. Belive me I am not trying to test you, just wanting some commentary on the subject.

  2. Bill Ballard says:

    Great input Laura. Thanks for posting.

    I think that I’ll make my next blog post my reply to your comments instead of responding here. You’ve raised some interesting points that merit some discussion.

    Look for it towards the end of the week.

  3. I love the light and shadow playing in Angela Arch Study #1.

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