Seven Weeks…

It’s been that long since I posted anything here…pictures or words.

That’s far too long to be gone. My apologies to all.

While I can’t say I accomplished much during that time, I can say they weren’t seven weeks filled with idle nothingness. I’ve actually been quite busy; however, it’s been ‘day job’ busy and not ‘photographic’ busy. I did manage to get a couple of new sessions shot and on the books, both with new models. And I’ve worked on my website updates too.

I’ve also begun the restorative dental work to repair the cracked molar I mentioned in the last entry. I won’t even go into how much fun that is. I’m grateful to have a dentist that not only has an excellent chair-side manor, but an appreciation for my work. Two of my prints hang in his home.

Mostly, its mountains of post work I need to do, to put the finishing touches on this past summer’s work, and to get images in my gallery and on my website. Rest assured, more new work will be forthcoming. In the meantime, here are three new ones; two from recent October sessions with two new models and one bodyscape from an August session with models Michelle and Sarah.

Enjoy and keep in touch.

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One Response to Seven Weeks…

  1. Jack Wegener says:

    Bill, good to see you have returned to blogging. These three are all fine images.Congratulations!

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