"Photography to the amateur is recreation, to the professional it is work, and hard work too, no matter how pleasurable it my be." – Edward Weston

Hello and welcome. My name is Bill Ballard. I’m a fine art photographer working in Savannah, Georgia.

I create photographic studies of the nude human form, images that are unique visual explorations of the human body using shadow and light. My apologies for the silly ‘adult content’ warning on the opening page; these are photographs that hang on gallery walls and in my humble opinion, barely justify such caution.
I understand if artistic figure work isn’t your cup of tea. I ask that you understand it is most of what I do photographically. But don’t write me off just yet. My other work, which I see as fitting the genres of documentary and travel, will show up once in a while. Certainly, one goal of this journal is to introduce my figurative art to an interested audience; I also hope that it will serve to foster discussions within the fine art photography communities, regardless of the genre.

So regardless of your personal views on the body and nudity, I encourage you to have a look-see. Open your mind and fear not. Look at my photography and see what you feel, what you experience, and what, if anything, you leave with.
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